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Waxing - strip cream wax & hot wax

This is the most popular method of waxing. It consists of glyceryl rosinate, parffinum & gloucose syrup.

Cream wax is smoothed onto the skin in a thin layer and immediately covered with a paper strip.


Eyebrow shaping/waxing  £6.00   

Upper lip £4.00  

Upper lip and chin £8.00   | Chin  £4.00  

Sides of Face £5.00 Forehead £6.00  

Cheeks  £6.00

Full face (not incl eyebrows) £15.00  

Full face and neck (not incl eyebrows)  £25.00


Full arms £16.00   | Half arms  £10.00                        

Underarm  £7.00  

Half legs £13.00 (lower part)                                      

Top of legs  £16.00 (upperpart)                                    3/4 legs   £19.00  |Full legs  £22.00  

Bikini  £9.00  |Extended Bikini  £12.00                     

Brazilian  £20.00   | Hollywood  £25.00

Buttock £16.00

Stomach £12.50                                     

Back wax  £18.00

Full body waxing package  - from £80.00

(Includes: Full arms, Full legs, Underarms, Bikini, Back, Stomach and Buttocks)  

Full Body wax including hot wax hollywood waxing from £90.00

Full Legs and Bikini (Strip Wax)  £28.00

Full legs and Extended bikini £32.00


(suitable for sensitive skin)

Our intimate waxing is carried out using a combination of advanced waxing techniques whilst using the latest generation of hot waxes (also known

non-strip or peelable wax). These new generation of waxes have been specifically designed for intimate areas and sensitive skin, they are peeled off by hand eliminating the use of paper or cloth strips.

The hot wax is warmed to body temperature using "shrink wrap technology" the wax adheres to the hair and not the skin making removal gentle and more effective than traditional waxes.

During the treatment your skin will be cleansed, oiled and finished with a lavender soothing cream, leaving your skin hair free and super smooth.


Underarm  £10.00 

Bikini  £12.00  |Extended Bikini  £17.00

Brazilian £32.00 |Hollywood £32.00 incl inside buttock

Brazilian & not incl inside buttocks £28.00                                    

Hollywood & inside buttocks £32.00 (Student discount price £28.00)

Waxing package offers

Full legs and basic bikini (Hot wax) £31.00

Full legs and extended bikini (Hot wax) £35.00

Full legs and hollywood (Hot Wax) £48.00

Full legs, underarms and hollywood (Hot wax) £54.00

-This treatment uses pre-wax oil forms a barrier between the wax & the skin allowing low   temperature wax to be re-applied on the same area without causing skin irritation.

- Lycon 's unique pre-waxing oil is applied prior to hot waxing, it prevents the wax sticking to the skin, making your waxing experience less painful.



Hot & Film wax (non-strip or peelable wax)

Men's back & top of shoulders £30.00

Msen's chest & stomach £38.00 | Both £65.00

Eyebrow wax £8.00

Underarms £15.00 

Half legs £25.00

Full legs  £35.00




Men’s back & top of shoulders  £22.00

Chest  & top of shoulders  £30.00  Both  £50.00   |

Men’s back, top of shoulders & upper arms   £34.00   |

Full leg  £25.00   |Underarm  £12.00   |

Full arms £24.00

Eyebrow £7.00  |Nostrils    £10.00

Fingers & Toes £12.00

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