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DERMALOGICA facial are completely tailored to your skin needs. Our signature service is designed to analyse your skin and prescribe a routine unique to you, completely free of charge


We use high quality LYCON Hot Wax which is painless and suitable for sensitive skin


We can customize your massage to suit your needs targeting specific areas. -i.e. back, stomach, thighs and scalp. We use a pre-blend of aromatherapy oils to de-stress, re-awaken and detox you.Massage techniques can be light or deep to reduce tension and ease muscle soreness.


Shellac (last up to 14 days!) Shellac is a revolutionary new hybrid UV nail system ensuring lasting colour! Shellac goes on like a polish & is cured, so it looks natural and provides strong natural nail protection. Shellac doesn't chip or flake, last up to 14 days and removes in 5 minutes!

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